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Serve on a Local HIPPY Advisory Council

Each local HIPPY program has a group of stakeholders and supporters that serve as a HIPPY Advisory Council. The members of the HIPPY Advisory Council support, inform and promote HIPPY in the local community. We are seeking advisors from a variety of backgrounds (education, social services, community based, churches, corporate / business, government) to serve on each of our local HIPPY Advisory Councils (see list of communities and expansion sites).

The responsibilities of the HIPPY Advisory council are to:

• Support and advise the HIPPY coordinator
• Advocate for HIPPY with local, state and national decision-makers including legislators, funders and stakeholders
• Further the program’s public image through public relations, marketing, media and other efforts
• Assess the program’s performance and provide input for improvement
• Look for possible volunteers and donations that can benefit the program

Meetings are held approximately 4 times per year, and last 2 hours, in a public meeting space in the local community.

If you are interested in supporting a local HIPPY program in an advisory capacity, please contact us!

Other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Hosting an event to support HIPPY in your community
  • Present at a parent meeting or training for home visitors
  • Contacting your local decision-makers about the benefits of school readiness


"My daughter is 23 years old and just the other day she got out her shapes and books. She wants to use them with her kids someday."

- Maria H.
former HIPPY Parent