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By educating children and building stronger families, HIPPY enables parents to be
more involved in child education and welfare. As a result, communities and local
government will become more responsive to the needs of all people. HIPPY programs are implemented through community based agencies, school districts and a variety of nonprofit and public sector organizations across Texas.

Because of its adaptability to varying service delivery models, HIPPY programs
qualify for federal funding under Title I program, Child Care Development Block
Grants, partnerships with Head Start, and other federally supported initiatives such as AmeriCorps from the One Star Foundation.

Things to know about starting a program.

The first step is to contact the Texas HIPPY Center. All Texas HIPPY programs receive training and technical assistance from HIPPY USA and the Texas HIPPY Center throughout the start up and implementation process. You may also download a HIPPY Start Up Kit at

"My daughter is 23 years old and just the other day she got out her shapes and books. She wants to use them with her kids someday."

- Maria H.
former HIPPY Parent