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Texas HIPPY is evaluated yearly by the University of North Texas, Center for Parent Education using a statewide pre and post test Parent Involvement Survey and a Kindergarten Teacher Survey.  Results of the Parent Involvement Survey demonstrated a considerable increase in the amount of time HIPPY parents spent engaging their children in literacy activities at home as well as significant increases the parent involvement.

The Kindergarten Teacher Survey examines the school readiness, skills and classroom behavior of children who completed HIPPY, compared to their “non-HIPPY” peers. The numbers overwhelmingly exhibit the program’s effectiveness. We know the programs works when we hear from elementary school principals like Kay Reynolds, who commented, “My Pre-K teachers comb through their class roster at the beginning of the year looking for HIPPY kids and their parents!” 

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“HIPPY helps me understand my child’s needs. Thank you HIPPY for giving me the opportunity to be my child’s first teacher.”

-Diana A., Irving HIPPY Parent